“Tall Cholla” Canyon

“Tall Cholla” Canyon is off FR-10 South of Sierra Los Pinos, New Mexico and North of Paliza Campground and is part of San Juan Canyon. On maps, it is a section of San Juan Canyon, but we have given some places our own names. It is easier to use a name that we have bestowed than to describe how to get there! We call this walk Tall Cholla because – well – there is a tall cholla growing on the hillside!

The walk starts on an old road in a young ponderosa forest. Then the road hugs the side of the mesa, going through a forest with mountain junipers, oak trees, and ponderosas. After about 1/2 mile, it gets rockier and continues under some nice cliffs. On the rockier slopes are some magnificent alligator junipers. The road leads out of the canyon onto the top of San Juan Mesa. It is a very pleasant walk, and one we do quite a bit.

Last Updated on October 23, 2021