Harry and Laurie McGavran

We enjoy hiking and exploring the outdoors. The Jemez Mountains contain lots of interesting history and are laced with historic roads, trails, and ghost settlements that we enjoy exploring. Here are some pictures of northern New Mexico

Laurie has friends who kindly allowed her to ride their horses. This was the best of everything, but, alas, horses grow old and pass on to greener pastures.

Laurie picked up the flute again a few years back, after a hiatus of more years than she wishes to admit. She plays with the Los Alamos Community Winds. Laurie also plays with a flute choir, creatively calling themselves the Los Alamos Flutes. We have regular C flutes and piccolos, alto flutes, bass flutes, a keyboard, and occasionally less common instruments as well.

Laurie has always liked small planes, and decided that becoming a pilot would be a good activity in retirement. She holds a Private Pilot certificate and is a co-owner of a Cessna 172RG, also called a Cutlass. This plane is a 172 with retractable gear and extended fuel tanks. It is a really nice all purpose airplane. It can cruise for more than 6 hours at about 120 kts without fueling, climb high enough to fly safely in our mountains, and get in and out of most airstrips around here, including those in the backcountry.

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